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Los Angeles SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the use this reflective essay outline to get your paper started work that is necessary to help a website show up for searches for a certain keyword on Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL (and other smaller search engines). For example, if you were the owner of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and wanted to sell bulk paper supplies, you would probably want people who visited search engines to see your website when they searched for “buy bulk paper supplies”. However there are many other competitors who already show up- actually free write topics men health viagra. 38,700,000 of them! So how can you possibly get your website to outrank all of these other competitors?!?

Hiring an SEO expert who really understands search engine algorithms inside and out and knows the best white hat practices for building a winning long term campaign is of key importance to your business. At Coalition Technologies, our business is built around SEO and understanding what changes need to be made to websites in order to beat out your competition. Search Engine Optimization is a rough and tumble business where the website with the top search result ranking will take the majority of the profits while everyone else is left with precious few visitors. I strongly recommend you give us a call today and learn more about how our SEO services can help your specific business.

Coalition Technologies team of search engine optimization gurus are the top talent in the SEO field. We have taken shoestring budgets of $2,500 per month and beaten out corporate titans like Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom’s, and others spending millions of dollars per month on marketing for bigtime keywords like “women’s swimwear”. We have taken clients from selling $4,000 per month in goods through their shopping cart to a whopping $60,000 per WEEK a year later. How do we achieve such great SEO results in Los Angeles and globally?

One of our clients has recently experienced a massive increase in sales due to our SEO efforts on their e-commerce shopping cart. SEO leads to increased search engine visibility, which leads to greater traffic, which leads to increased sales. SEO is not a one-time operation, but an ongoing exercise, and our Los Angeles search engine optimization services are targeted to optimize our clients’ sites continuously, for gradual and consistent improvement.engine optimization is our specialty, and we have a dedicated team of experts with extensive experience in generating large amounts of traffic from search engines, using a wealth of effective strategies and tactics.

ai???ai??? Why build a website if no one visits it? Even the best website is useless if it doesn’t have an audience. Online marketing will help you reach your goals, whether they consist of selling products, impressing potential clients or gaining more traffic. ai??i??ai??i??


Fundamentals of SEO

The primary traffic sources for most websites are the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The process of becoming competitive in receiving relevant search traffic is called search engine optimization (SEO). When a potential customer types your keywords into a search engine, your website should appear at the top of the search results. How can your website show up at the top of the list? A skilled SEO expert will implement the following procedures when optimizing your website to receive traffic from search engines:


  • Keyword Research & Competitor Research

    Strategic keyword research allows you to maximize your audience size with all of the right terms targeted on all of the right pages. When properly implemented, keyword research gives you an airtight game plan for how to structure your content, blog articles, product descriptions, homepage copy and more.

  • Analytics Setup & Review

    Google Analytics allows you to monitor your SEO progress, trends and growth, and to locate and fix any potential problems before they get out of hand. It also enables you to see how specific keywords impact your traffic and/or sales. You can use Analytics to set and track goals, generate reports or just see where your customers are coming from.

  • Link Building Campaigns

    Link building remains an important element in any SEO campaign, because if high value websites link to your business, the search engines view your site as having greater authority. Itai??i??s not just about building links, though. Itai??i??s about finding the right links, both in terms of quantity and quality.

  • Social Media Campaigns

    A great deal of overlap exists between SEO and marketing, and social media campaigns are highly effective for both. In order for a social media campaign to be effective, though, it must be properly and persuasively tailored to your audience.

  • Search Engine Ranking Reporting

    If you want to receive relevant traffic for a specific keyword, you must rank on the first page, and if you want to turn a hefty profit, you should rank as close to #1 as possible. Thatai??i??s why itai??i??s so important to keep track of all of your keyword rankings, and tailor your SEO plan accordingly.

  • Repeat With Keyword Research

    Keyword research isnai??i??t a one-time exercise. As your site begins to build traffic, you should always be on the lookout for new potentially-valuable keywords.

Why You Need SEO

Online traffic sources are constantly changing, and your online marketing professional needs to stay up to date. This is done by constantly researching new search engines and social media sites, researching and testing SEO methodologies, and reading up on important news.

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Search engine optimization cannot be effectively implemented as a standalone service. To ensure that it’s done right, our SEO technicians must also understand web design technologies, copywriting and social media marketing strategies. At Coalition Technologies, based in Los Angeles, CA, we take a cross-discipline approach to training all of our team members, ensuring that they have a broad and deep understanding of how the online marketplace works.

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SEO Best Strategies and Practices

  • Business Integration

    We take the time to really understand how your business works. If we are going to do proper keyword research and implement SEO on your site we need to have a thorough understanding of your business model, competitors, pricing, existing marketing strategies and how your customers look for your products/services.

  • Keyword Research

    The first technical step in any search engine optimization campaign is to do keyword research. Our Los Angeles SEO technicians will take the information gleaned during our business integration phase and use our in-house tools as well as public tools like Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool and Google Insights for Search to help find all of the keywords we need to target. This initial phase will root out 300-500 keywords that represent a broad and deep sampling of your big SEO terms as well as the long tail search terms we can target.

  • On Page Optimization

    The next step is to do a full audit of your website and review and change existing pages that are not optimized for search. We comb through your title tags, meta description, meta keywords tag (discounted by Google now), URLs, page titles/H1s, on page copy, link navigation, alt image attributes, link canonicalization tags, robots.txt files, nofollow tags, duplicate content, page load speed, link title tags, code issues on the backend, server setup, age of domain/site, freshness of content, and many other factors.

  • Off Page Optimization

    A good SEO campaign will help you take care of off page issues as well on page work. We will help you with everything that needs to be done from local business listings, social media site building, and reaching out to potential partners on the web to make sure you are seen as an authoritative site by Google and the other search engines. We run full-fledged white hat online public relations campaigns for our clientele.

  • Ongoing Tracking and Analytics

    Search engine optimization is not a fire & forget industry. Not only are search engines constantly updating and changing their algorithms, but there almost always is additional improvements that can be made to your site to make it function even better. We help you setup Analytics with goal tracking and e-commerce revenue analysis if applicable so that we can see which keywords and which pages are offering the best conversion rates. We are extremely aggressive in hunting out the best keywords, making changes to the site as needed and working hard to give you the best SEO campaign we possibly can.