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Los Angeles Web Development

Our mission at Coalition Technologies (based in Los Angeles, CA) is to provide our clients with the maximum possible value within their budgets. We can use Symfony2, ASP.NET or other web application development frameworks to completely custom develop web applications. Our programmers also have a number of existing web applications at their fingertips that we can customize for clients to help keep costs down, including Wordpress as a CMS, Drupal, Joomla, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, ZenCart, OScommerce and other powerful solutions.

‘‘We always build our Web Apps to maximize SEO value’’

‘‘ I am the founder of Coalition Technologies, Joel Gross. My technical background is in search engine optimization. Before coming to Los Angeles, I lived in Seattle and was head of SEO for a major technology firm. I have comprehensively researched and tested many SEO techniques and thoroughly understand best practices for search engine optimization. I bring that knowledge to my team and ensure that EVERY web application we develop has SEO principles developed into it. ’’

  • Our web application development includes:
  • Advanced CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • Optimized e-Commerce shopping carts
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Facebook Page and Application Development
  • Enterprise Level Web Development
  • Game Development (RPG’s, Trivia)
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Completely custom web application development

‘‘ Building completely custom web applications can be expensive and many of our customers are small businesses who come to us with small budgets. In order to assist these clients in getting the best value for their money, we will implement previously built code with some customizations. ’’


  • Wordpress

    As a content management system (CMS) is quite powerful and with some customizations you would have no idea that Wordpress backed the site- University of Southern California (USC) actually runs their Teachers site on Wordpress! Other organizations running Wordpress include Ebay, Yahoo, Ford, Digg, Wall Street Journal, Sony, Playstation, The New York Times and Wired magazine.

  • BigCommerce

    Bigcommerce is a powerful hosted solution offered by Interspire. Their e-commerce shopping cart is one of the best on the market right now and is a great fit for many businesses. Their shopping cart is fully PCI compliant and they have extensive powerful features including push to Facebook & Ebay. BigCommerce's abandoned carts feature will show you customers who started to check out but did not finish so you can call them and find out what went wrong.

  • osCommerce

    Is another shopping cart, but this one is one that is open source and you install on your own server. osCommerce is also feature rich but is a bit more difficult to use than BigCommerce, although each software platform has its place in the web application development toolset.

  • Joomla

    Offers an open-source content management system (CMS) that is powerful and built specifically for easy administration of many different websites. Joomla lays claim to backing 2.7% of the entire web! Just like Wordpress, many big brands trust their content management solution to Joomla.

‘‘ And many others including Etsy, Yahoo Small Business, Ebay Stores, CubeCart, Magento, OpenCart, Ubercart, ZenCart, X-Cart, Concrete5, Drupal, Cushy CMS, Radiant CMS, and Contoa. ’’

Web Apps Technologies & Techniques :

At Coalition Technologies, we have worked with many different web application development technologies and solutions. Depending on a clients needs we will pick the best option that will provide what the client needs for a great price. We use the best web application development practices including test based development (TBD), rapid application development, extreme programming, agile development, joint application design, lean software development and scrum techniques.


There are two major web application development technology platforms: Linux/Unix and Microsoft's ASP.NET. Our founder was formally trained as a Microsoft ASP.NET developer but has since switched to the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) development platform since it costs less, is easier to use, is more widely adopted and is becoming more extensible and scalable than Microsoft's aging technology stack. However, we can develop on ASP.NET or the LAMP stack as the client requires.

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