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We are a web design firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Our company also has a web design office in Seattle, WA and we service clients all over the world including in London, Luxembourg, and Harare. The majority of our web design clients though are still in Los Angeles, San Francisco or in Seattle.

Web design services we provide include graphic design, logo creation, Flash, W3C strictly compliant HTML/CSS code, javascript coding, custom programming, PHP, MySQL and Microsoft's ASP.NET technologies.

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Coalition Technologies can do completely custom coded websites or we can help our clients save money and time by building on a variety of platforms. Our favorite CMS is Wordpress, though we also have developed on Joomla, Drupal and Wild Apricot. We use a variety of e-commerce shopping carts in our web design, our current favorite being BigCommerce & Interspire, though we do have extensive experience in Shopify, OSCommerce, ZenCart, Magento, Volusion and others.

Our company helps our clients design, develop and maintain their websites and integrated software systems. We can create any web application you need. Our customers reap the benefits of our broad experience with integrating hardware and software systems for all major platforms such as mobile devices, touch screens, web browsers and web servers. We are especially superb when asked to do work on complex custom web applications such as corporate business systems, e-commerce shopping carts, social networks and other database driven web applications. We are also happy to build you a simple website or blog if you need it! Smiley

Our Web Design Process

  • Discovery

    At Coalition Technologies, we take the time to learn everything there is to know about your business and your specific web design goals. We understand that no two businesses or websites are alike, and we work tirelessly to gain an intimate sense of your needs and desires, so that the finished product perfectly reflects your unique vision while appealing to visitors with its aesthetic grandeur and boosting your search engine rankings with its SEO compliance.

  • Strategy

    When implementing a web design strategy, we work with you as a partner, plotting out every meticulous detail in order to ensure that we’re always on the same page. A solid web design strategy encompasses so much more than mere design. It’s about page arrangement, search engine optimization, conversion optimization, user experience, click-through rate, and that all-important first impression. We strategize right down to the finest detail, and we don’t stop until we have everything just perfect.

  • Planning

    Planning goes hand in hand with strategy, but takes the process to the next level. With our detailed strategy ready to go, we lay out a definitive plan of action, mapping precisely how the design and development will unfold, and providing you with concrete options, metrics and timelines. You will never be left in the dark, and every step of the process will be guided by your invaluable input.

  • Info Architechture

    With a solid plan of action, our seasoned web design gurus begin to lay the real groundwork: the visual mock-ups, the multidimensional outlines, the initial source code. This is where an idea evolves into a blueprint, and a blueprint begins to form a tangible foundation. In short, this is where your vision takes physical form. Our information architects are some of the best in the business, and they map and organize every detail to perfection, with elements that transcend myriad programming languages and design constructs.

  • Design

    Coalition Technologies employs a full team of industry-leading web designers who combine traditional artistry with painstaking graphic illustration to implement visual touches far beyond conventional industry standards. We believe that the little details matter the most, and we incorporate designs that exceed visual expectations while also strengthening brand awareness and maximizing sales.

  • Development

    Though development may occur behind the scenes, its impact can hardly be understated. The quality of your web development can make or break every aspect of your online business, from your designs to your usability to your search engine visibility, right down to your bottom line. At Coalition Technologies, our development department is one of the most robust in the industry, and features only the most skilled and experienced programmers, because we recognize the enormity of this responsibility.

  • Launch

    Finally, the big day has arrived. After exhaustive planning, strategizing, mapping, designing and developing, you now have the website of your dreams: fully functional, spectacular to behold, and optimized to sell like never before. Sound too good to be true? It doesn’t have to be. Contact Coalition Technologies today to make your dream a reality.

Our Commitment To You

  • Guaranteed Responsiveness

    We pride ourselves on our response times. You can call us directly or send us an email anytime. You get direct access to us quickly.

  • We Work Hard To Understand Your Needs

    We take the time to understand specifically what you need done. We get the job done right the first time by understanding your needs.

  • Lower Rates

    We build our business by keeping our rates below the competition and providing an uncompromising level of customer service.

  • Long Term - Relationships Focused

    We are interested in obtaining clients for life. We want our clients to rave about the service they receive from Coalition Technologies, so we make customer service our top priority.

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